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Archimedes' Journal • Journal d'Archimède
by Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber
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Archimedes journalARCHIMEDES, your complete brain nutrient...

Puzzles are among the most popular forms of recreational maths and games. Just a little bit of good sense and an inquisitive mind are all you need to solve them... They capture people's attention as curiosity is a natural human propensity and indeed they are intriguing, challenging and fun as well!
Puzzles enhance visuo-spatial skills and critical thinking. As educational manipulatives, puzzles develop the capacity to redefine a problem and the will to persevere. Puzzles are not closed problem, they can always be improved and generate a myriad of variants and what's more they don't require batteries, they are just powered by our brain cells!

48 pages, all in color! In English and in French. [french]

Mental and creative activities for puzzle enthusiasts, hobbyists, teachers, trainers and facilitators: puzzles - paradoxes - optical illusions - tessellations - geometric dissections - tangrams - mazes - curiosities...
ARCHIMEDES was an interactive review devoted to entertaining & involving its readers with puzzles, recreational mathematics and visual creativity. It was published for an audience without a specific math background. Each issue covered a broad range of mental and hands-on activities for the reader to enjoy, including a profile of prominent trailblazers in the field of visual creativity. Archimedes Journal is now available in PDF format, a great gift for collectors and puzzle lovers!

Enjoy discovering new applications!
ARCHIMEDES contains high-quality images for resource use, it offers original, large illustrations or patterns that the reader may reproduce or photocopy for classroom projects/activities, workshops, training courses or just for fun... The accompanying text is short, precise and clear. ARCHIMEDES combines the fascination of logic with the beauty of artistic design. In short, ARCHIMEDES is both an idea and a picture library!

Topics and columns
Popular maths, topological and mechanical puzzles, geometric dissections and tessellations, geometric constructions, paradoxes and mind bogglers, optical illusions, impossible objects, labyrinths and mazes, ambigrams, mental 'magic' tricks, curiosities...
Each issue features:
7 complete mechanical puzzles to make, (see 1 example below)
interactive optical illusions, to discover and to experiment with,
a lot of incredible Puzzles to solve...
• and a Logic contest with prizes to win...

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free puzzle sampleA free ARCHIMEDES puzzle sample for you to download! (PDF format)
workshop imageInteractive puzzle activities & workshops inspired from Archimedes Journal for education related institutions.

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Classic Archimedes Journal issues, years: 2003-5
Available only in PDF format
(Usual price: €7.00 /ea, 48 pages,
the whole collection for just
issue 1

Archimedes #1
Contents: Fibonacci puzzle, Magic magic square, Geotemplet puzzle, Matching puzzle, Optical motion, Syntemachion, Holey triangle, etc.

issue 2

Archimedes #2
Contents: Inflatable moon, Geometric vanishings, Ambigrams, Impossible figures, String & wire puzzles, Solvable - unsolvable,

issue 3

Archimedes #3
Contents: You'd never think of 8, Fooling 4-piece puzzle, Kinegrams, Hidden figures, EFT tests, Multifaceted flexagons,

issue 4

Archimedes #4
Contents: Packing puzzles, 'Impossible' foldings, Magic hexagons, Convex tangram, Koans,
Self-reference illusive sculptures, etc.

The Whole Collection
Buy the 4 issues of Archimedes Journal with just one click!
4 PDF issues of Archimedes' Journal: €12.00, #1 to #4
After confirmation of your order, we'll email you the code to access the corresponding download page(s). 


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Archimedes journal People have always been fascinated by NUMBERS... Numbers are actually basic elements of mathematics used for counting, measuring, ranking, comparing quantities, and solving equations. Numbers have unique properties: for some ones of us they are merely concise symbols manipulated according to arbitrary rules, for others numbers carry occult powers and mystic virtues. Workshop image "How to focus attention? Encourage creative exploration?" Multicultural interactive puzzle activities & workshops for museums and institutions.
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A range of
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you to make!

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