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Puzzle crafting & workshops • Laboratorio di giochi d'ingegno • Atelier de puzzles
by Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber
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The Puzzle
Tangramagic title

A new manipulative for classrooms or just for fun...
This unique puzzle is ideal for teaching basic math skills, problem solving and critical thinking in an exciting way! The vanish geometrical effects will hold both juniors' and seniors' attention!

Aim of the game
A) Remove the 10 pieces from the frame, then replace them without the small square to fill the frame again!
B) Using all 7 Tangram pieces, form figures both with and without a mystifying triangle... (15 original paradoxical figures)

TangraMagic (Foam)
Tangramagic Foam
TangraMagic (Forex®)
Tangramagic Forex
TangraMagic Puzzles
Is an innovative version of the famous Tangram puzzle (more info about the concept). First, the issue is to recompose the rectangular puzzle with 1 piece missing, then, to make an element of an assembled figure disappear (or appear). Currently there is only one puzzle model available: TangraMagic Foam.

You can purchase TangraMagic Foam puzzle directly from (USA). If you are interested to obtain a license for manufacturing/distributing this puzzle, please contact us.

TangraMagic Booklet
Tangramagic Foam


TangraMagic Booklet 
  This 20-page illustrated booklet with easy-to-follow instructions
gives designs for making your own TangraMagic puzzle to perform various geometrical magic tricks and face intriguing challenges... (The solutions are given in the back of the book). The booklet includes: the history of the Tangram, the legend of the Tangram, paradoxical figures, pattern challenges, and mathematical formulas as well.
  A resource of puzzle activities for running recreational math workshops!

Price: $7.00 (Print) | $4.00 (PDF) | Age: 10 +

Tangram, la Mente in Gioco!
Tangram libretto

Libretto sul Tangram
  Allegato al numero 33 di Focus BrainTrainer, vi proponiamo uno dei giochi creativi più stimolanti che siano mai stati realizzati: il Tangram. Per aiutarvi a familiarizzare con il gioco, e anche per farvi toccare con mano la varietà di sagome ottenibili dai sette pezzi di partenza, abbiamo realizzato un libretto con la storia del Tangram e 50 figure diversissime tra loro, da quelle geometriche a quelle paradossali, dalle sagome di animali ai twingram. L'autore è Gianni A. Sarcone, collaboratore storico di BrainTrainer e grande esperto di percezione visiva.
  Potete acquistare il set (libretto + gioco) presso il vostro edicolante, oppure richiederlo a Focus BrainTrainer.

  A Tangram puzzle resource and activities for running recreational math workshops!

Prezzo: €5.90 | Età: 7 +
: €5.90 | Age: 7 +

Large 3D TangraMagic Puzzles
Marie-Jo playing king size tangram
TangraMagic 3D figures to make
Large 3D TrangraMagic puzzle (46 x 38 x 10 cm) ideal for exhibitions, classrooms and training classes...
: $180.00 | Age: 10 +

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The Challenges
arrow Build your own TangraMagic
arrow Vanishing area paradox!
arrow Form figures both with and without a mystifying triangle!
arrow More brain teasing challenges
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Archimedes journal ARCHIMEDES journal is an interactive review devoted to entertaining & involving the readers with puzzles, recreational mathematics and visual creativity. This journal is published for an audience without a specific math background. Each issue covers a broad range of mental and hands-on activities for the reader to enjoy! Workshop image "How to focus attention? Encourage creative exploration?" Multicultural interactive puzzle activities & workshops for museums and institutions.
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