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Puzzle crafting & workshops • Laboratorio di giochi d'ingegno • Atelier de puzzles
by Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber
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le casse-tête TangraMagic
il rompicapo TangraMagic

inventor: Gianni A. Sarcone

Tangramagic set

TangraMagic is a 10-piece puzzle in a frame that can be configured into 15 original tangram paradoxes. It is formed from 1 set of Tangram puzzle and 2 L-shaped pieces. The basic principle is simple, but don't let that fool you. One of the puzzle pieces is a small square with or without which the puzzle can be assembled. It somehow seems to take up the same amount of space either way -- if you do it right!

TangraMagic, un classique réinventé! En effet, c’est la version magique du fameux Tangram... Otez les 10 pièces de leur cadre et remettez-les à nouveau SANS la petite pièce carrée, en remplissant ainsi parfaitement l’espace rectangulaire sans laisser de vides. Incroyable! Le jeu offre bien d’autres défis logiques.

TangraMagic è la versione magica del classico gioco del Tangram... Togli tutti e 10 i pezzi dal contenitore rettangolare che li incornicia e rimettili di nuovo a posto SENZA il pezzo quadrato, facendo sì di riempire perfettamente lo spazio rettangolare senza lasciare spazi vuoti. Incredibile! Il gioco offre altre stimolanti sfide logico-spaziali.

How to make your set of TangraMagic pieces

• Print or reproduce the TangraMagic puzzle below and paste the copy onto cardboard or any other cuttable material (if you are crafty enough, you can make the puzzle from wood). Then cut out the 10 pieces of the puzzle along the cutting lines. Your puzzle is now ready to be played! Optional: you may also cut out a rectangular frame in which the puzzle pieces have to be laid. (arrow Continue now to page 3)

• Imprime ou reproduit le puzzle ci-dessous et découpe les 10 pièces en suivant les traits de coupe. Pour jouer, continue à la page 3.

• Stampa o riproduci il rompicapo geometrico e ritagliane i 10 pezzi lungo le linee di taglio. Per giocare, va adesso alla pagina 3.

TangraMagic Template
Sources: xGioko (Focus Junior), #4, December 2009, G. Sarcone, 'Se il Tangram diventa magico'.
Cubism for Fun, #49, June 1999, G. Sarcone, 'Paradoxical tangram'.
Journal of Recreational Mathematics, #29:2, 1998, G. Sarcone, 'Paradoxical Tangram and Vanishing Puzzles', pp. 132-133; problem 2424.
The Tangramagic template above may be reproduced for your OWN NON-COMMERCIAL individual teaching and learning purposes only.
La reproduction de ce jeu à des fins autres que strictement personnelles est interdite.
Non puoi riprodurre o usare questo gioco per fini commerciali.
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The Challenges
arrow TangraMagic and the vanishing area
arrow Form figures both with and without a mystifying triangle!
arrow More brain teasing challenges
TangraMagic puzzle articles
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tangramagic foam
Obtain your TangraMagic puzzle here!
tangramagic forex
Large 3D TangraMagic puzzle ideal for exhibitions, classrooms and training classes...
Marie-Jo playing king size tangram
TangraMagic booklet gives designs for making your own TangraMagic puzzle...
Tangram book

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