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Puzzle Workshops

Ateliers de Puzzle • Laboratori di Giochi d'Ingegno

Photo Gallery of our Workshops and Lectures

"Omaúiyaúa úiñhañ anawaðopþañ kta ye.
Maúiöazo úiñhañ owaúaüniðe kta ye.
Aopemaúiye úiñhañ uñmasöe kta ye...

"Tell me, and I will listen.
Show me, and I will understand.
Involve me, and I will learn...
- Sioux Proverb

2012, 2011, 2010-2008, 2007-2005, 2004-2000, Before 2000.
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Math-Magic 2012
3-day Math-Magic workshops at Pythagoras' Park in Crotone
(March 27th, 28th, and 29th)
Crotone March 2012
More photos of the event here!

PrestiGeometria 2011
Mathematic puzzle party we held within the Pignera Park
(Crotone, 7th and 8th November, 2011)Parco Pignera (1)
A demonstration of magic Origami (impossible paper folding)

Parco Pignera (2)
Some school children paying attention to our instructors

More photos of the event here!

G4G 2011
"Celebration of Mind" Party at Genoa
in honor of Martin Gardner
(21st October, 2011)G4G Party 1
A great evening with a lot of puzzles, friendly people and laughs!

G4G party, Silvano Fuso
Prof. Silvano Fuso performing some magic chemical experiments (booom!)

More photos of the event here!

2-Day Workshops at Quart and
at Pont-Saint-Martin (Aoste Valley)

(30-31 March, 2011)

Teachers practicing with papers

Teachers battling with pencils, scissors and paper

More photos of the event here!

G4G 2010
"Celebration of Mind" Party at Genoa
in honor of Martin Gardner
(21st October, 2010)

Puzzle demo 1

Puzzle demo 2

More Celebration of the Mind Party photos here!

ESOF 2010
EuroScience Open Forum at Turin
(3rd-5th July, 2010)

cute girls playing
Nice girls... :-)


More ESOF photos here!

XI Convegno Nazionale del CICAP
Puzzle workshop and lecture at Abano Terme
(9th-11th October, 2009)

Abana terme lecture
Cognitive experiments with the public: adult and young attendants as well...

Abana terme experiment with child

Our unforgettable puzzle and math workshops at Trinitapoli
(25th-26th March, 2009)

Trinitapoli workshop girl

Cutting a puzzle

Explaining a puzzle game

Alessandro and his wife
Alessandro and his wife doing a paper puzzle...

Francesco thinking and solving
Francesco working out and finally solving a mechanical puzzle...

Globeglotter group
Marie-Jo and Rosa the coordinators of the event... Puzzle: find two sisters in the photo above on the right.

At the restaurant
Closing evening of MateMagica: attendants and organizers at 'Da Vittorio' restaurant... Puzzle: find three sisters in the photo above!

Moro photos here!

"Festival dei giochi della mente"
(Mental activity workshop, Omegna, 2007)
omegna interesting problem
Yes, it is an intriguing puzzle...
(Omegna Forum Shop)

omegna  string puzzle 1
Trying to free themselves from a string puzzle...

omegna number puzzle
Being surprised with a number puzzle activity...

omegna trying to solve
Playing with a magic 'magic square'...

omegna string puzzle 2
Concatenated by a string puzzle...

Festival des Sciences
Chamonix, France, 2007

ateliers chamonix 1
Brain Training at Hotel Majestic

chamonix marie-jo
Festival des Sciences, Chamonix
Marie-Jo in action...

atelier gianni
Festival des Sciences, Chamonix
Gianni in action...

Forum des Sciences
Math Workshop in Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France, 2006
Forum des Sciences
workshop Villeneuve-d'Ascq, Forum des Sciences
Workshop-Exhibit in Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France, 2005
Forum des Sciences
Perugia Science Festival 1
Perugia Science Festival, 2005 ("I did it!")

Perugia Science Festival 2
Perugia Science Festival ("Mumble... mumble...")

Perugia Science Festival 3
Perugia Science Festival ("Solved!")

workshop-exhibit, Mente che Mente, Genoa, bis
Workshop-Exhibit in Genova, Italy, 2004
"Mente che mente", Festival della Scienza
workshop-exhibit, Mente che Mente, Genoa

abano, the magician rowland
The mentalist Ian Rowland performing a magic card trick for us
abano with James Randy
Presenting Archimedes Journal to the scientific skeptic James Randi
Exhibit in Abano Terme, Italy, 2004
World Skeptics Congress
workshop Gradara, playing young girl
Workshop-Exhibit in Gradara, Italy, 2003
Gradara Ludens
workshop Chamonix, Festival des Sciences, outdoor workshop Chamonix, Festival des Sciences
Workshop in Chamonix, France, 2000
Festival des Sciences

.workshop Paris, playing kids
Workshop-Exhibit in Paris, France, 2000
Salon des Mathématiques

workshop Paris, our stand

workshop Orleans, classroom
Workshop in Orléans, France, 1997
Université de Mathématiques d'été

workshop Grenoble, playing kids
Exhibit in Grenoble, France, 1995

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