Another Urban Legend
11 September Premonition

"Nothing is more useful than silence"

This is a kind of optical illusion called: YSWYWTS (You See What You Want To See)... Some "clever" people deduce that the attack to the Pentagon and to the Twin Towers was predicted in the 20-dollar note. Actually, if the banknote is folded as shown below we may see something having a faint resemblance to the Pentagon and the Twin Towers going up in flames. No comment!

20-dollar illusion...
20 dollar illusion
Folding A
20 dollar illusion 2
Folding B
20 dollar illusion 3

Genuine Optical Illusions
optical illusion book
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GianniŠA. Sarcone &
MarieŠJ. Waeber

Sterling Publishing

  160 pages
- Available: 05/2002

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What do you see-or think you see? You could be wrong, because these brilliantly beautiful, surprising images will fool your eyes! For example, the same grid can look completely different depending on whether it has an outline. Or watch a grinning Cheshire Cat "disappear" when you focus on a point in the center... 8 1/4 X 11. all in color


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