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Test your Concentration/Intuition


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The leading skill of any creator (artist, genius, designer, maestro...) is the ability to detect conceiled properties in ordinary things considered most of the time as uninteresting by common people. Curiosity and a high sense of observation (synthetic sense) are the starting points for all creative and invention processes. This 2-page long test will help you to improve your power of observation (O-POWERS). So, let's start (or jump directly to page 2)!


1) Delivery Man
The cartoon character depicted below represents a delivery man who is suspected of theft. Actually, he stole something from a company he's just visited. The security staff and the police didn't find anything on him or in the delivery van. What has he stolen?

van1 van2
van3 van4
It's easy! Check answer

2) Just red
How many "red" words are in the sentence below?

First of all, I would redefine the concept of the green synthesis, because I don't want to reduce this to an obvious statement and swear that black is white
8 words 10 words 7 words

3) F's Effect
How many times does the letter F appear in the sentence below?

When I visited Phil, finches of Japan were flying around the flourishing bonsai placed on the left of the lounge's entry
6 times 7 times 4 times

4) Coca-Cola
Read quickly the text in the small poster below. Do you notice something strange?

coca-cola poster

Check answer

5) I love Rome...
Read quickly the sentence below. Do you notice anything incorrect?


I love
Rome in the
the springtime
Check answer

6) Patterns
Compare the 2 spotted patterns below.
What have they in common


and the answer is...

7) Ants reckoning
At first glance, guess which color ants are the most numerous


the blue ones the red ones they're all equal in number

8) Shapes
Compare the 2 images below (composed of 4 half discs).
What have they in common?


the answer is...


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