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Tangram Variants II

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Pangram: the 3D Tangram
by G. A. Sarcone & M. J. Waeber

Pangram puzzle
©1992-2009, Sarcone & Waeber, Genoa

  Why play in 2 dimensions only? With the Pangram you'll discover the pleasure of an additional dimension in the game. The Pangram is easy to make (see drawings above), the ideal size of the game is 10 cm3. You'll find below some solids to match with all 7 pieces of the puzzle. Try to invent another tridimensional figure to match by combining the puzzle pieces and send us your best ideas!

Some solids you can form with the Pangram
pangram solids
©1992-2009, Sarcone & Waeber, Genoa
Source: Almanacco del Matematico, G. Sarcone, 2001 

The Tangramboard
by Serhiy Grabarchuk

Tangram Board  In this puzzle the classic Tangram pattern is merged with a 4x4 checkerboard. This gives seven checkered pieces; the pieces are one-sided. The object is to assemble different regularly checkered shapes. Some patterns possible to create with this set are shown below. How can they be assembled? Keep in mind that pieces are one-sided, and they can be rotated, but not flipped over or overlapped. The fact that pieces are patterned and one-sided add to the Tangramboard challenges and the solving process a totally new logic.

Some shapes assembled using all the seven pieces of the Tangramboard.
tangramboard shapes
©2007, Serhiy Grabarchuk, http://www.ageofpuzzles.com

Other Tangram-like puzzles...

  All over the world you may find a lot of Tangram variants. Here below is a collection of 4 Tangram-like puzzles: Regulus, Cocogram, Pythagoras, and Chie No-Ita. If you know another interesting variant/version of the Tangram puzzle, please contact us!

tangram variants
©1992-2009, Sarcone & Waeber, Genoa

 More Tangram-like puzzles
arrow The Geotemplet puzzle.
arrow The Ostomachion puzzle.

Source: Almanacco del Matematico, G. Sarcone, 2001

Brügner's 3-piece Tangram...

  The Tangram-like puzzle below, called after the German mathematician Georg Brügner, is composed of three similar right-angled triangles that form a rectangle. The proportion of the sides of this rectangle is calculated in such a manner that the number of convex figures which can be put together with the puzzle pieces is maximal.

Brügner Tangram

In fact, it is possible to form with this three-piece puzzle exactly 16 different convex polygons: 2 rectangles, 2 triangles, 2 parallelograms, 3 trapezoïds, 2 deltoïds, 1 quadrilateral, and 4 pentagons (see below).

brugner tangram
tangram transparent Click here to see partial solutions

Play Tangram puzzle online!

Form a given shape (CURRENT PUZZLE) using all 7 tans. To choose puzzle click on anyone in SELECT PUZZLE area. See more information in "Help and Settings".
©2003-2007, ZTOR.com Andrey D. Orlov, all rights reserved

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