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Tangram Sinogram and Variants

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The Twingram™ puzzle
Inventors: G. A. Sarcone & M. J. Waeber

twingram puzzle
©1996-2007, Sarcone & Waeber, Genoa

  Here is a new way to play the Tangram puzzle. Put side by side 2 Tangrams, a "dark" one against a "bright" one, as shown above, and fit them into a rectangular frame. Then, with all 14 pieces try to match the images represented below.

figures to match 1 figures to match 2
figures to match 3 figures to match 4
©1996-2007, Sarcone & Waeber, Genoa

tangram transparent Click here to see solutions

Source: Almanacco del Matematico, G. Sarcone, 2001

Chinese Ideograms
the real name of the Tangram puzzle?

  What is the Chinese name for Tangram puzzle? There are several ways to call this puzzle: qi qiao ban, (near engl. pronounciation: chee chyaow paann), qi qiao tu (pr.: chee chyaow t'hoo) - and mean "seven tablets of wisdom" - or yi zhi tu (pr.: yee ch'he t'hoo). The name Tangram itself is a deformation of another now obsolete word trangram meaning 'puzzle' or 'trinklet'. (Out of curiosity, how would you say Tangram puzzle in Latin? Septem Fragmentorum Ludus or Ostomachion!)

Qi Qiao Ban, sinogram (calligraphy: ©92, G. Sarcone)
Qi Qiao Tu, sinogram (calligraphy: ©92, G. Sarcone)
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