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The amazing Geotemplet puzzle

inventors: Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber


"Au-delà de la forme, la mécanique du savoir..."
G. A. Sarcone

Geotemplet puzzle Geotemplet puzzle is a set of 10 geometric shapes:
2 small right triangles, 6 convex polygons having all the same area, and 2 large right triangles. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Le puzzle Geotemplet est composé de 10 pièces géométriques:
2 petits triangles rectangles, 6 polygones convexes ayant la même aire, 2 grands triangles rectangles. Pour plus de renseignements concernant les applications de Geotemplet dans l'enseignement de la géométrie, contactez-nous à l'adresse sousmentionnée.

Il rompicapo Geotemplet si compone di 10 tessere:
2 piccoli triangoli rettangoli, 6 poligoni convessi con la stessa area, 2 grandi triangoli rettangoli. Per ricevere ulteriori informazioni sull'utilità di Geotemplet nell'insegnamento della matematica, vi preghiamo di contattarci all'indirizzo indicato qui sotto.

The 6 polygons of the Geotemplet puzzle are formed from 2 small right triangles

Chaque polygone du puzzle est construit avec 2 petits triangles rectangles

2 piccoli triangoli rettangoli formano tutti i poligoni convessi del rompicapo

various shapes of the geotemplet

96, Sarcone & Waeber. All rights reserved

Geotemplet puzzle is a great math thinking motivator for your classroom and a useful manipulative for exploring and teaching the basic concepts in geometry. For further info regarding this puzzle or for obtaining a Geotemplet puzzle set, please feel free to contact us at the address below.

Print this page and cut out the Geotemplet puzzle set.
Then, try to solve these problems:
a) How many different right triangles can you form with 2,
3 and 4 Geotemplet puzzle pieces? (Click here to see solution)
b) Make at least 2 equilateral triangles with 4 and 5 puzzle pieces.
c) Make 3 similar rectangles using 4, 5 and 8 puzzle pieces.
d) Rearrange 6 pieces of Geotemplet puzzle to form a near square.
e) Finally, make 2 kinds of hexagon using so many pieces you want.
(Click here to see solutions)

Extra problems
a) How many different isosceles triangles can you compose
using 2, 3 and 4 Geotemplet puzzle pieces?
b) Can you form a large equilateral triangle using all 10 pieces?

Shapes to match
Try to make each figure shown below using all
10 pieces of Geotemplet puzzle.

shapes to match

A pvc-foam geotemplet puzzle

foam geotemplet puzzle


transparent gif
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