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Big Book of Optical Illusions
Big Book of Optical Illusions, ISBN 0764135201
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New Optical Illusions, ISBN 1844423271
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Fantastic Optical Illusions, ISBN 1844423271
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Dazzling Optical Illusions, ISBN 0806983930


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Shadow Illusions


by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber


"Tutte le ombre parlano del sole,
sottovoce "
Emanuel Carnevali

Cast shadow influence on depth perception
A ball in motion - sliding diagonally across a table top - appears rolling, rising in the air, or bouncing, depending on the relative position of its shadow (although the original path of the ball remains unchanged!)

Original animation

Rolling marble

Floating bubble

Bouncing rubber ball

Strange triacontadohedrons
The green cylinder is placed on top or inside the polyhedron?
(see also kickboxer illusion)


Discovering the Shadow

"La scoperta dell'ombra" written by Roberto Casati
is an excellent book about shadows
... We recommend it!




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