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Indo-European Roots

  In etymology, a root comprises the core form of a word, often in a primitive attestation or even in a reconstruction. Root forms have importance in deducing the structure of language families.
  The Appendix of Indo-European Roots below is designed to allow the reader to trace English words derived from Indo-European languages back to their fundamental components in Proto-Indo-European, the parent language of all ancient and modern Indo-European languages.
  Indo-European is the name given for geographic reasons to the large and well-defined linguistic family that includes some 150 languages spoken by about three billion people, including most of the major language families of Europe and western Asia, which belong to a single superfamily. Popular languages in this superfamily include English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Persian, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

ad- ag- agh-
agro- aik- aim-
ais- aiw- ak-
akw-- al-1 al-2
al-3 albho- alu-
ambhi an- an-
angh- ansu- ant-
apo- ar- arg-
as- at- ter-
au- aug- aus-
awi- awo- ayer-
ayes- bak- bel-
bh-1 bh-2 bha-bh-
bhad- bhag- bhghu-
bhgo- bhardh-- bhares-
bhau- bhegw- bhei-
bheid- bheidh- bhel-1
bhel-2 bhel-3 bhelgh-
bhendh- bher-1 bher-2
bherg- bhergh-1 bhergh-2
bhes- bheudh- bheu-
bheug- bhl- bhleu-
bhoso- bhrter- bhreg-
bhreu- bhr- d-
dail- daiwer- dakru-
de- deik- dek-
dek deks- del-1
del-2 dem- dem-
dent- der- derk-
deru- deu-1 deu-2
deu- deuk- dh-
dhegwh- dh(i)- dheigh-
dher- dhers- dhs-
dheu-1 dheu-2 dheub-
dheu- dheugh- dhghem-
dhgh(y)es- dhgw- dhreg-
dhreibh- dhreu- dhugter-
dhwer- dlegh- dgh-
d- dus- dwo-
dyeu- ed- eg
eghs egwh- ei-
eis- ekwo- el-
em- en epi
er-1 er-2 er-
ers- es- (e)su-
eu- eu- eu-dh-
gal- gu- gel-
gembh- gem- gen-
genu-1 genu-2 ger-
gerbh- ger-1 ger-2
geus- ghabh- ghans-
gh- ghebh-el- ghedh-
ghei- ghel-1 ghel-2
ghend- gher-1 gher-2
gher- ghes- gheslo-
gheu- gheu()- ghos-ti-
ghr- ghrebh-1 ghrebh-2
ghredh- ghri- ghrendh-
ghwer- ghwbh- gleubh-
gn- g-no- gw-
gwei- gwel- gwen-
gwer-1 gwer-2 gwet-
gwhedh- gwhen- gwher-
gwh- gwhr- gwhren-
gwou- i- k-
kad- ka-id- kai-
kailo- kaito- kakka-
kan- kand- kap-
kaput- kar- kas-
kat- kau- ked-
keg- kei-1 kei-2
kekw- kel-1 kel-2
kel-1 kel-2 ken-
kenk- kens- kent-
ker-1 ker-2 ker-3
kerd- ker- kerp-
kers- kes- keu-
klei- kleu- ko-
k- kob- kom
konk- koro- kost-
kous- krei- kreu-
kreus- ksun kwe
kwei-1 kwei-2 kwei-
kweit- kwel-1 kwel-2
kwen- kwent(h)- kwer-
kwes- kwt- kwetwer-
kwo- kwon- kwrep-
kwmi- laks- las-
lau- l- leb-
leg- legh- legwh-
lei- leid- leig-
leigh- leikw- leip-
leis-1 leis-2 leit-
lendh- leu- leubh-
leudh- leu()- leugh-
leuk- ( lk- lno-
ls- m-1 m-2
mag- magh- maghu-
mk- man-1 man-2
marko- mter- me-1
me-2 m-1 m-2
m-3 m-4 med-
medhu- medhyo- meg-
mei-1 mei-2 meigh-
meik- mei-no- mel-1
mel-2 mel-3 mel-
melg- melit- men-1
men-2 men-3 men-4
mendh- menegh- mer-
merg- meu- mizdho-
mori- mregh-u- ms-
nas- nu- dher-
ne nebh- ned-
nek-1 nek-2 nekw-t-
nem- nept- ner-1
ner-2 nes-1 nes-2
neu- new newo-
nobh- nogh- nogw-
n-men- nu- od-
oi-no- okt(u) ku-
okw- op- or-
orbh- ors- s-
ost- ous- owi-
p- paw pag-
pl- pan- pant-
papa past- pau-1
pau-2 ped- p(i)-
pei- peig- peku-
pekw- pel-1 pel-2
pel-3 pel-4 pel-5
pel-1 pel-2 pel-3
penkwe pent- per1
per-2 per-3 per-4
per-5 perd- per-1
per-2 perkwu- pes-
pet- pet- peu-
peuk- pezd- pter-
plk-1 plk-2 plat-
plek- pleu- pneu-
p(i)- porko- poti-
prek- preus- pr-
p- ( re- r-
rd- reg- rei-
reidh- reig- rep-
ret- reudh- reu-
reug- reup- tko-
s- sg- sak-
sal- swel- s-
sed- segh- sek-
sekw-1 sekw-2 sekw-3
sel- sem-1 sem-2
smi- sen- sengwh-
sent- sep- sept
ser-1 ser-2 seu-1
seu-2 skand- skei-
skel-1 skel-2 sker-1
sker-2 sker-3 (s)keu-
skeud- skrbh- slb-
slg- slei- sleubh-
smei- (s)mer-1 (s)mer-2
sn- (s)nu- (s)n-
(s)neu- sneigwh- so-
sol- sp- spek-
(s)pen- spend- sper-
sper- sreu- st-
sti- (s)teg- stegh-
steig- steigh- stel-
(s)ten- ster-1 ster-2
ster-3 streb(h)- streig-
s- swd- s(w)e-
sweid- s(w)eks swel-
swen- swep- swer-
swesor- swo- sy-
tag- tauro- tegu-
tek- teks- tel-
tem- ten- ter-1
ter-2 terkw- ters-
teu- teut- tkei-
to- tolkw- tong-
treb- trei- trep-
treud- tu- ud-
uks-en- uper upo
wal- wap- we-
w- webh- wed-1
wed-2 weg- wegh-
wei- weid- wei-
weik-1 weik-2 weik-3
weip- wekti- wekw-
wel-1 wel-2 wel-
wem- wen-1 wen-2
wer-1 wer-2 wer-3
wer-4 wer-5 w-r-
wr-o- werg- wers-
wes-1 wes-2 wes-3
wes-pero- wes wet-1
wet-2 wi- wkt-
w-ro- wkwo- wp--
ws wrd- y-
yeg- yek- ykw
yr- yes- yeu-
yeug- yewes- yewo-
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