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General Knowledge S-Quiz 1 (june-july 2004)
1) What is the color of an arctic bear under UV light?
a) White.
b) Black.
c) Blue.
d) Pink.
2) The word Pizza is of...
a) Latin origin
b) Gothic origin
c) Italian origin
d) Chinese
3) Find in the list below the word or phrase that isn't French
a) Enharnacher
b) Nom de plume
c) Tellurhydrique
d) Glucagon
4) Find in the list below the word that isn't Italian
a) Farniente
b) Pacciamare
c) Formicaleone
d) Soqquadro
5) The word HAZARD comes from the Arabic az-zahr, the root zahr means 'flower'. In a few words, what is the missing link which connects 'hazard' to 'flower'?
a) Poison
b) Dice
c) Infection
d) Smell
6) HENRYLAND is the literal translation of an Italian word which refers to a well-know country. Which is this country?
a) America
b) England
c) Switzerland
d) Vatican
7) What is the largest organ in the human body?
a) Skin
b) Skeleton
c) Brain
d) Tongue
8) How many words of Italian origin are in the French language?
a) 25
b) 3,000
c) 900
d) 70,000
9) How many words of English origin are in the French language?
a) 12,000
b) 3,000
c) 32
d) 40,400
10) How many words of Italian origin are in the English language?
a) 3,000
b) 700
c) 180
d) 10,750
11) What is receding from the earth by half an inch a year?
a) the Xmas star
b) the Moon
c) the Peace
d) the Sun
find the area of an octagon12) The area of the dodecagon is
a) 4r2
b) r · 122
c) 12(1/r)2
d) 3r2

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