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Do you like solving puzzles? Are you intrigued by optical illusions? Have you ever wondered what a mixture of those two would be like?
Dazzling Optical Illusions
Puzzillusions, ISBN 1844420647

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Previous optical Illusion of the Month (February-March 2007)

by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber


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'What's wrong with this picture' challenge

Google distraction
Google changes their logo and homepage features according to the season or holiday. Looks like Google forgot something in their homepage made for Valentines event (see below). Can you find what is missing? Can you explain why a lot of people don't notice it at all?

google logo
(Google homepage dated 14th February 2007)
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In the Google corporate logo are missing the "L" and the trademark sign (™). There are a lot of reasons why many people don't notice it at all (see the readers' answers further below), but the main reason is that we actually see very little: only that on which we are concentrating, or which we find important! Man without the crutches of the other sense organs would truly be lost, because it is they which permit us, subconsciously, to go about our everyday lives. An experiment demonstrated how at times we are really 'blind' in the truest sense of the word. In this famous experiment on 'inattentional blindness', performed in 1999, Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris asked people to watch a video clip and count the number of times one of two teams of basketball players took possession of the ball. Many people (around 40 percent) didn’t notice at all a man in a gorilla suit entering stage right, doing a jig in the centre of the screen and then leaving, stage left. The clip demonstrated how we don’t see what we don’t pay attention to, even when it’s in front of our eyes! - G. Sarcone


A selection of answers from our visitors...

They forgot the 'l' in Google. They made the chocolate covered strawberry into a 'g', but missed out in the 'l'. - Ingrid Jakobsson

The l is missing from the google logo. The reason for this is that the strawberry stem fools the eye into thinking that the l is there. - Matt Thompson

1. Missing letter "L" in the word GOOGLE :)))
2. Can you explain why a lot of people don't notice it at all? Because when I go to Google I search for anything but their logo... - Tibor Csunyocska

The main Google title is missing the TM sign. - Anya Ludwig

The "l" in "Google" (as well as in "Ilusion" - ? -) is missing. - Prof. Dr. Jens C. Türp

The TM above the "e" in "Google" is missing. - Eddy Shapiro

The l in google is missing. People don’t notice because the stem of the strawberry looks like the l. - William Marscher

They left the "L" out of the word, Goggle. And probably nobody noticed it because of the stem sticking up from the strawberry! - Mendi Poulsom

L is missing in Google. Because we don't need all the letters in a word to read the word, most of the time just the first and last in order, the rest don't matter. - Grace2

Google forgot the L in their name! Why most people overlooked this is because their eyes were drawn to the second g/chocolate covered strawberry. When skimming the whole word, most people used heuristics and filled in the L with the strawberries stem even though there really was no L to speak of. Or so I hypothesize. - Veronica Serna

Missing is letter L and it is because we try to fill in the blanks by our perceptions. - Rajiv

Google is missing the L. People don’t notice it b/c the strawberry stem is long and curved. - Nikki Nupp


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