Previous puzzle of the Month, January 99

1) Less is more, a square root problem

What?! -1 = 1, how could this be possible? Find the error...

2) Unforeseeable dissection puzzle
First, cut out the grey shape shown in fig. a) below in order to obtain 4 identical pieces.
Then, try with these pieces to form a 8-spike star as shown in fig.b).

Print this page and make an enlarged copy of the fig. a).
Then, try to solve the puzzle according to the terms above

dissection puzzle
96-99, Sarcone & Waeber, Lausanne

Problem nr 1)

It seems unbelievable, nobody found the solution to this puzzle! Well, I submit to you another similar problem in the next "Puzzle of the Month" (February 99) hoping that you will solve it... I'll give you both solutions next month.

Problem nr 2)

Here is the solution a)
solution 1)
...and here the solution b)
solution b)

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