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December 2005 - January 2006  

thinking man
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   Enjoy solving Archimedes' Lab™ Puzzles!

triangle-square Puzzle #104

Red Monade...
  Cut the red monad* into two pieces of the same area without the aid of compasses. How many different solutions are you able to find?

* A monad is composed with semi-arc circles.

red monade
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solution to monad

Steps 1 to 3 show how to cut the monad into 2 pieces of the same area (consider the blue line).

Step 4 demonstrates visually why the pieces are of the same area:
B = C = Pir2/8
A + D = Pir2/4
A = Pi(r/2)2/2 = Pir2/8
D = Pir2/4 - Pir2/8 = Pir2/8
A + B = C + D

Previous puzzles of the month...
puzzle solver
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circle-triangle Quiz/Test #14 TOP
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Quick Roman Numeral Questions
Add a letter to XIX to obtain 49 Add a letter to XIX to obtain 99 Which is the most recent year with the longest Roman number?

Wunderkammer #14 TOP
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"A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere."
- Joyce A. Myers

pencil sculpture

   The pencil is the essential instrument of every true puzzle enthusiast. Its top is usually nibbled and we tap it on our head or we scratch ourselves with it. And sometimes, we even scribble a few meaningful thoughts with the sharpened leaded end. The American artist George W. Hart, also called the Polyhedron Man, made the puzzling pencil sculptures opposite using 72 pencils! If you want to try competing with his mastery you may find it useful to have a few tranquilizers close at hand.

pencil sculpture 2

External links
small square George Hart website
small square Rinus Roelofs sculptures
small square Pencil carvings

Related Book
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Islamic Art and Geometric Design: Activities for Learning
Metropolitan Museum of Art Series
This resource offers an introduction to the principles of Islamic art and the geometric designs upon which it is based.

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matemagica cover
MATEMAGICA blackline masters for making over 25 funny math puzzles! A collection of incredible puzzles and optical illusions with easy-to-follow instructions (in Italian). Ideal for math workshops.
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ARCHIMEDES is an interactive review devoted to entertaining and involving its readers with puzzles, recreational mathematics and visual creativity.
archimedes review
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Book of the Month
359 Math puzzles
Most popular Russian puzzle book ever published.
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According to Red Skelton, the longest word is the word that follows the announcement, "And now a word from our sponsor"!


Math Gems
If the denominator of a rational number is not divisible by 3, then the repeating part of its decimal expansion is an integer divisible by 9. Example:
1/7 = 0.142857... has a repeating part 142857 divisible by 9.


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