Puzzle of the Month, August 99
Logic? Shmlogic...

1) Holy Pentagram
Find the area of the pentagram shown below (the answer is a 1-digit number).

Holy pentagram
96-99, Sarcone & Waeber, Lausanne

2) Which number?
Find x in the following sequence, and explain your choice:

which number
96-99, Sarcone & Waeber, Lausanne


1) The area of the pentagram is 0. Considering that the sum of the small and medium sides of each triangle is equal to the largest ones, for instance:
AE + AD = DE, CD + BD = BC, and CE + CD = DE. Then,
the triangles AED, CDE and CDB are not triangles at all, but lines! The area of any line equals zero...

2) x = 3. ONE has 3 letters; TWO, 3 letters; THREE, 5 letters, etc... TEN has 3 letters, and ELEVEN, 6 letters.

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