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"Awaken people's curiosity.
do not overload them.

- Anatole

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G. A. Sarcone
Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber are writers, designers and inventors with more than seventeen years of experience in the fields of visual creativity and education. They are co-founders of Archimedes' Laboratory™, a consulting network of experts specializing in improving and developing creativity. Their purpose is to promote the puzzle as an educational aid useful for training, socialization and communication.
Using visual impact their products aim to:
  • master space and visual logic
  • stretch the limits of creativity
  • help see things differently
  • make things possible
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 It is enough to open minds,
 Put there just a spark"



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M. J. Waeber
G. A. Sarcone and M.-J. Waeber are regular authors of recreation columns and articles for newspapers and magazines featuring visual puzzles and math brainteasers. They have written and published several educational text books and illustrated books in English, French and Italian on puzzles and on the mechanism of vision. You can find a complete list of books written by the authors from or from Sarcone's official website.
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They also work to commission for any editorial client (agents, editors, publishers) seeking the best in education and entertainment publishing. If you need fresh ideas or already have an editorial project in the development stages, then Archimedes' Lab can help!
Sarcone & Waeber books
Workshops in Paris
Fervent puzzle enthusiasts, G. A. Sarcone and M.-J. Waeber frequently travel around Europe with their workshops sharing their knowledge and ideas at cultural and educational events with adults and children alike.
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Always eager to comunicate the wonders of science, visual perception and mathematics to the public in exciting and entertaining ways: by creating, experimenting and demonstrating manipulative puzzles.



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Archimedes' Lab,


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Sarcone & Waeber games
In addition to their editorial work, G. A. Sarcone and M.-J. Waeber create original educational manipulatives involving colors & shapes as well as puzzles to support every corporate promotional activity.
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They have invented a wide range of popular thinking games including Geometrex Incredible Puzzle and TangraMagic. They still work actively in the fields of advertising and corporate communication using game applications.



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