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Zoo of Numbers: Numbers 70 to 200

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We provide the media, publishers and syndication agencies with puzzle contents integrating science & visual perception for recreational, educational or communication purpose

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Archimedes Lab Books to delight your eyes & your mind!
Impossible Folding Puzzle and Other Mathematical Paradoxes
Impossible Folding Puzzles
ISBN 0486493512
3D illusions Pack: All You Need to Build 50 Great Illusions
3D Illusions Pack
ASIN 1781770972
Hidden Picture Puzzles
Hidden Picture Puzzles
ISBN 1623540380
How To Draw Incredible Illusions
How To Draw Incredible Illusions
ISBN 1623540607
Eye Bogglers
Eye Bogglers
ISBN 1780970749
Super Optical Illusions
Super Optical Illusions
ISBN 1783120851
And Yet It Moves ! (eBook)
And Yet It Moves! (eBook)
Optical Illusions: An Eye-Popping Extravaganza of Visual Tricks
Optical Illusions
ISBN 0486493547
ISBN 1847322298
L'Etrange univers des illusions d'optique
L’Etrange univers des illusions d’optique
ISBN 2215110120
Le Cabinet des illusions d'optique
Le Cabinet des illusions d’optique
ISBN 2215147407
Pliages, découpages et magie
Pliages, découpages et magie
ISBN 2848841656
ISBN 8861530923

Number 7
Live with your lucky number 73


Archimedes in the tub

What's Special About This Number?

Fun facts on numbers (and their strange properties), both mathematical and cultural, tantalising problems and anecdotes. The number facts in this website are also available as features for print and electronic publishing.

numberopedia, the book We're excited to announce that you can now purchase “Numberopedia: What's Special About This Number” by G. Sarcone in PDF format! With 189 pages filled with an incredible variety of fun facts on numbers (and their peculiar properties), both mathematical and cultural, as well as tantalizing problems and anecdotes, there is much to learn for everyone.
After confirmation of your order, we will email you the code to access the corresponding download page. So don't wait any longer to dive into the world of numbers!
Numberopedia (189 pages, pdf format): €11.00

If you got a distinctive fact about any number listed here you think Archimedes' Lab community might enjoy, why not post it here? italiano Conoscete un numero con delle proprietà originali? Contattateci!
francais Connaissez-vous un nombre avec des propriétés étonnantes? Contactez-nous!

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  You can use any of our content (pictures, texts) in your non-commercial web page for free as long as you leave the copyright and author's info intact and link to us.
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Source credits
1. We always credit our sources, when we can.
2. Some of the material on this web section is submitted by our readers/visitors. Where cited, excerpts are quoted or italicized, and authorship credit is prominently supplied.
3. Most authors/submitters, however, prefer to remain anonymous, for reasons of their own, and we respect their wishes.
4. If you believe you have identified material on this web site that has not proper permission (and can provide us with verifiable proof of ownership), or that should (but does not) credit a verifiable source, please bring it to
our attention.
5. Any oversights, omissions and corrections will be updated as soon as possible.

Encyclopedia of Numbers © G. Sarcone, Archimedes Lab, Genoa, Italy

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