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Some News and Announcements


journalTHANKS to all our puzzle fans who still support and encourage our educational activities! Here is the latest news concerning our puzzle web site and our activities...

Grazie a tutti coloro che ci sostengono nella nostra azione didattica! Ecco qualche novità dal nostro sito...

Un grand merci à tous ceux qui nous soutiennent dans notre action de diffusion du savoir! Voici en bref quelques nouvelles de notre site...

Gianni and Marie-Jo
signatures: gianni and marie-Jo

What's new?

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Pencil games

pencilA new interesting feature called 'Pencil Games' has been added for pencil puzzle lovers all over the world! Where the visitor can work out path puzzles, Sudokus, mosaic and geometric puzzles...

Go to Pencil games page...

Macabre Illusions

Pierrot, skullRepresentations of skulls in art are legion, from Hans Holbein's distorted death's head in his painting ‘The Ambassadors’ to Andy Warhol’s paintings of screen-printed skulls in gory black and white and overlaid with different colors. Skulls have also their place in optical illusions...

Go to Macabre optical illusion page...


Abracada-Brain puzzlesAbracada-Brain puzzles
develop your zen mind, your logical thinking and imagination skills with original intuitive paradoxical twisters and puzzles, and intriguing 'koans'!

Go to Abracada-Brain puzzle page...

Knight's Tours

knight tourChess players will appreciate this new entry... The problem is to find a tour of a knight on particular chessboards. Only valid moves of a knight are allowed and every square of the board must be visited exactly once!

Go to Knigh'ts Tour puzzle page...

Book releases

New book releases for Fall 2007
We are proud to announce our latest works on optical illusions: Eye Tricks and Make Your Own 3D Illusions. We really hope you will enjoy them!

New Optical Illusion Books
Eye tricks book Make your own 3D illusions
Eye Tricks, ISBN 1844427773 Make Your own 3D Illusions, ISBN 1844426327

Go to Optical Illusion Books...

Vintage Illusions

top hatOur ancestors knew all about optical illusions, even if they didn’t always recognize the cerebral mechanisms that created them... A place where to discover some interesting early visual illusions!

Go to Vintage Illusions page...


workshop imageHow to focus attention? Give a desire to participate? Encourage creative exploration? ...We've updated and extended our Workshop page featuring interactive educational proposals for museums and institutions.

Go to Workshops page...

Book announcement

New Optical Illusions BookOur experience in the field of human perception and visual creativity has lead us to the publication of two new puzzling books: "MateMagica" and "New Optical Illusions", in order to share our discoveries with our readers.

Go to Teaching Guide Books page...


A new gallery has been added to our optical illusion section. Puzzling visual illusions for everyone: beginners and experts as well... Each month, new images are being added but the old ones are archived into a large database.

Go to New Optical Illusion gallery...


tangram puzzleWe've redesigned and updated our Tangram puzzle section. The challenge of the Tangram lies in the ability to arrange 7 pieces into a variety of shapes... Who really invented the Tangram? What is the Chinese name for Tangram puzzle? More than 5 pages full of original puzzle ideas, activities and figures to match. It worths a visit!

Go to Tangram Puzzle pages...

matemagica cover
MATEMAGICA blackline masters for making over 25 funny math puzzles! A collection of incredible puzzles and optical illusions with easy-to-follow instructions (in Italian). Ideal for math workshops.
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ARCHIMEDES is an interactive review devoted to entertaining and involving its readers with puzzles, recreational mathematics and visual creativity.
archimedes review
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Impossible Folding Puzzle and Other Mathematical Paradoxes
Impossible Folding Puzzles & Other Math Paradoxes is filled with superb, colorful puzzles, all designed and drawn up by Archimedes Lab, the Italian puzzle and illusion creator. Do all problems have solutions? Is complexity synonymous with difficulty? This original collection of mathematical puzzles and paradoxes proves that things aren't always what they seem! Readers will discover that nothing is as easy or as difficult as it looks and that puzzles can have one, several, or no solutions.
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Puzzles workshops for schools & museums.

Editorial content for the media & publishers.

Puzzling visual illusions for everyone: beginners and experts as well!


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