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Previous Puzzles of the Month + Solutions

February-March 2007  
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Difficulty level: bulbbulb, basic geometry knowledge.
Puzzle # 110
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Prof. Gibbus' Angle
Help Prof. Gibbus find the angle a in the diagram below (solve this puzzle using just basic geometry, no sines or cosines allowed!)

puzzle 110


Someone sent us this funny solution...

fake solution

But, more seriously, the solution isn't as difficult as it appears... You have just to change your point of view (fig. 1)...

puzzle solution

... and look beyond the boundaries of the problem (fig. 2), as suggested in our tips to puzzle solving. Actually, you can find the solution without any calculation! Just extend the grid and draw two lines as shown in the picture, and you'll form a right isosceles triangle having two opposite angles of 45 degrees. The base (or the hypothenuse) of the triangle is parallel to the diagonal (the red line in fig. 2) of the previous 1x3 rectangle. One leg of the right triangle 'intersects' both parallels. A transversal line which intersects a pair of parallel lines produces pairs of alternate interior angles which are EQUALS. So, angle a worths 45 degrees.

The winner of the puzzle of the month is: John REIDY, Australia. Congratulations John!


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"Please repeat this sentence once".
(if you really repeat it once, you'll in fact repeat it twice...)


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