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Previous optical Illusion of the Month (February - March 2008)

by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber


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'What's wrong with this picture' challenge

Hidden panda cub
Can you help mother panda to find her cub?

Find the Panda



panda cubThe silhouette of the panda cub is concealed within the weeds on the right side of mother panda... Even though there are no lines that close the shape of the cub, the flowers and leaves give enough fragmentary information to our brains to make the whole image meaningful. Such figures are called 'illusory figures'. The mental phenomenon in which shapes are perceived to be occluding other shapes even when the shapes themself are not drawn is called 'Modal completion'.

Chris Hillman answered:
The Panda cub that can be seen to the right of the Large Panda is actually leaves of flowers/plants.

Dr. Franco Fiorillo answered:
il cucciolo è formato dai fiori!

Darlene P. Crooks answered:
Is there a solution online to this puzzle? It's the first time I've visited your site, and I believe the baby panda is the mother's left, hidden in the flowers. I see the baby's eyes, nose & mouth and ears formed BY the flowers.

You're encouraged to expand and/or improve this article. Send your comments, feedback or suggestions to Gianni A. Sarcone. Thanks!

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