Sarcone's visual illusions By far the greatest illusion is reliance upon one’s own view of reality as the only reality -- G. Sarcone

Illusion of the Month #18: Dec 2011 · Jan 2012
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Letter IIn this page you can test your visual ability with interactive optical illusion challenges. Each month, we will post new puzzling illusions to solve and/or to comtemplate: ambiguous and completion figures, impossible figures, hidden objects, illusions involving colors, geometric illusions, illusory moving patterns, verbal illusions and paradoxes. All these illusions were adapted/designed by the authors with the aim of allowing the visitor/reader to:
discover how we perceive things,
test and enhance the power of observation and critical thinking skills,
improve mental flexibility,
have fun being deceived by puzzling visual challenges.

You can use the SVI feature below in your non-commercial webpage for free as long as you leave the copyright and author's info intact and link to us.

montlhly illusion
Look at the three spiral labyrinths A, B, and C (see fig. above). Though they might appear the same, they present some fundamental differences. Which ant scuttling through its respective maze will finally reach the sugar cubes?

What's New: Books & Stuff

drawing optical illusions

Drawing Optical Illusions
by G. Sarcone & M.-J. Waeber
In this just-released book we reveal our secrets on how to design and CREATE perfect and impressive optical illusions.

optical illusion watch

Magnetic Tunnel Watch
by G. Sarcone
The color fields of the magnetic rosette printed on the dial seem to vibrate and to move forwards like you were in a warp tunnel!

Etrange Univers des Illusions d'Optique

L'Etrange Univers des Illusions d'Optique
by G. Sarcone & M.-J. Waeber
La réalité est visiblement incroyable ! Plongez dans un monde fascinant où tout n'est qu'illusion !
Les images clignotent, se déforment, tournent. Attrapez le vertige en restant immobile ! Un sujet qui fascine tous les publics, de 7 à 77 ans. Une mise en scène extraordinaire et des images à couper le souffle !

brain and gears
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optical illusion visual illusion features

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