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Previous optical Illusion of the Month (January-March 2009)

by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber


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'What's wrong with this picture' challenge

The hidden Tiger
“Groar!” This tiger is calling his mate. Yes, there is an extra tiger hidden somewhere in this artwork. It is not easy to find, but once found, is hard to ignore! A wildlife painting involving an optical illusion theme by the American artist Rusty Rust.

hidden tiger
(This images was taken from our book 'Curiopticals', reviewed by "The Sun")


Click HERE to see the solution! (double click to restore the previous image) Actually, the tiger’s dark stripes spell out the title of the painting!

Deepak answered:
The sentence "The Hidden Tiger" is present as stripes in the tiger's body!

Ramana C. Jandhyala answered:
The second tiger is not a physical tiger! It can be found within the phrase "THE HIDDEN TIGER" posing as the stripes on the tiger. A good one.

Anagha answered:
The other tiger is on the left side of the picture. A Tree foliage is shaped like tiger head & is just above & little left to the first tigers head.

Fikril Bahri answered:
there are text of THE HIDDEN TIGER on the body of the tiger.
haha. “Groar!”

Niresh Sukdeo answered:
The phrase “THE HIDDEN TIGER” are the stripes on the body of the tiger.

Lenny Mostov answered:
“THE HIDDEN TIGER” is written in stripes across the tiger’s body.

Drake Eshleman answered:
The tiger is there if you look closely at the bottom left. A female tiger can be found there. Everyone that I know that looked automatically at the trees. I was the only one who found it!

Frenchie answered:
The words "The Hidden Tiger" are written from the stripes located on the actual tiger. Very cool!

Jon Edwards answered:
The Hidden Tiger’ printed in the stripes.

Timothy Kussmaul answered:
It's his stripes, they spell out "the hidden tiger".

Mary Patricia answered:
In the body of the Tiger it is written as "The Hidden Tiger".

Joyce Rogers answered:
Hi, on the tiger itself.

You're encouraged to expand and/or improve this article. Send your comments, feedback or suggestions to Gianni A. Sarcone. Thanks!


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