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Conway's Life Game

Jeux de la vie · Gioco della vita

4 iterations of a glider
glider 1
glider 22
Game of Life is a cellular automaton and is run by placing a number of filled cells (alive cells) on a two-dimensional grid. Each generation then switches cells 'on' or 'off' depending on the state of the cells that surround it. The rules are simple and defined as follows: all eight of the cells surrounding the current one are checked to see if they are 'on' or not. Any cells that are 'on' are counted, and this count is then used to determine what will happen to the current cell.
1. Death: if the count is less than 2 or greater than 3, the current cell is switched 'off' (death by loneliness or overpopulation).
2. Survival: if (a) the count is exactly 2, or (b) the count is exactly 3 and the current cell is 'on', the current cell is left unchanged.
3. Birth: if the current cell is 'off' and the count is exactly 3, the current cell is switched 'on'.

Try to reproduce one of the drawings below on the grid and click 'start button'... Interesting isn't it?
You can copy the javascript program of the cellular automaton... Feel free to modify it or improve it! We would appreciate to receive any comments or suggestions concerning this script. Have fun!

Test your knowledge of "Conway's Lifegame"!
1. A pattern which does not change from one period to the next is known as: 2. A configuration which exhibits a pattern which repeats in n periods is called: 3. Any pattern that moves leaving no trail is called:
a) immobile
b) Donald
c) still life
a) oscillator
b) repetitor
c) back2
a) cosmoship
b) glider
c) quovadis

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