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  Maybe some of you know the story of the chimp closed in an experiment-room with a banana hanging from the ceiling just out of his reach. A researcher intending to test the monkey's mental skills enters the room and places a few large boxes here and there supposing the chimp would use them to reach the banana. The chimp calmly observes the researcher and as he passes just under the banana, he springs up and jumps onto the shoulders of the researcher to grab the coveted fruit. What is the moral of this story? Real problems never have anticipated solutions and the 'context' of a problem is as important as the problem itself.
  Puzzles and manipulatives always place the player in a 'context' enhancing visuo-spatial skills and critical thinking. They work as a catalyst, awakening curiosity and geometric intuition in young people.
  The personal gratification of solving a puzzle is a small victory which, little by little, builds self-esteem and confidence. For these reasons they are excellent tools for channeling the energy of young people with learning difficulties and a useful rehabilitation support for disabled people. As educational manipulatives, puzzles won’t transform anybody into a genius but they surely develop the capacity to redefine a problem and the will to persevere. Making geometry ‘tangible’ in this ‘virtual’ era, may be anachronistic, but a screen will never take the place of hands-on experience.
  The goal of Archimedes' Lab is to provide a variety of interesting puzzles that can be used to create an 'open' learning environment. The index below is designed for people who have an interest in education where you'll find some original handouts, and material for classroom activities. You can reproduce any text or image contained in this website as 'resource material' (but not for commercial use!) for classroom projects/activities, workshops, training courses or just for fun... In exchange, a link back to our site would be greatly appreciated!

For your info: we have opted for a low-tech site, using standard tables and some javascript. We hope this approach keeps our site accessible to all, and remains pleasing to the eye!

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