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Optical illusions: illusioni ottiche (It), illusions d'optique (Fr), ilusiones ópticas (Sp), optische Täuschungen (Ger), ilusões de ótica (Por), gezichtsbedrog (Du), optické klamy (Cz), 错视 (Ch), 錯視 (Jap), оптические иллюзии (Ru), אשליות אופטיות (He), خداع بصري (Ar), प्रकाशिक भ्रम (Hi), oculorum fallaciae (Lat).

What you see isn’t always what you get!
  Since ancient times, humans have known that immediate perception is not a reading of physical reality. Vision is the most creative act that a human being is capable of. Seeing is depicting the world on the living canvas of our mind. As we depict well only what we really know, our mind is both the canvas and the artist. In this creative process, the eyes represent nothing other than a medium with which our mind interprets and reconstructs our near environment. Some illusions teach us to doubt and to question the many appearances of the reality - they are a kind of school of life!

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Each month a new optical
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Stretch your brain and trick your mind with these brain-bending illusions
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Have fun being deceived by these puzzling illusions
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Art Prints is a volunteer-driven initiative. We rely on donations to achieve our mission - to inspire and motivate people with challenging mental activities.

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What's new
mask theatreMask of Love: a new illusion by G. Sarcone, presented at Best Illusion of the Year Contest. starstarstarstar
blinking eyeWeekly features: syndicated optical illusions for newspapers and magazines! starstarstarstar
small skullCrystal Skulls: a printable thrilling geometric illusion puzzle that has defied science for centuries! starstarstar
small skullMacabre optical illusions: more than 20 scary skulls appearing out of innocent pictures. starstar

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arrow Visit our gallery of Impossible objects arrow Can you SEE what these ambigrams say? starstar
arrow Observe the influence of shadow on Depth perception arrow Boost your visual creativity by solving Droodles
arrow Enjoy doing these deceptive online visual experiments! arrow Explore another way of looking at things
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A large collection of brain teasers and mechanical puzzles for you to solve or to offer and challenge your friends and family.
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Find unique merchandise with our puzzles and optical illusion art on posters, postcards, t-shirts, mugs, and more.
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A great selection of puzzling optical illusion books that will trick your eyes and entertain your mind for hours.
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Meet G. Sarcone, the author of Archimedes Lab, on his website dedicated expressely for publishers & content acquirers seeking original publishing and editorial projects.
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