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Mind and Brain: mente e cervello (It), l'esprit et le cerveau (Fr), mente y cerebro (Sp), Geist und Gehirn (Ger), mente e cérebro (Por), geest en hersenen (Du), omysl a mozek (Cz), 铭记和脑 (Ch), 心と脳 (Jap), ум и мозг (Ru), המוח והמוח (he), العقل والدماغ (Ar), मन और मस्तिष्क (Hi), de mente cerebroque (Lat).

Is our mind an electromagnetic field?
  For decades scientists told us that our brain is fixed from shortly after our birth to our life’s very end. We now know that brain functionality doesn’t depend upon the brain’s external appearance, but upon the filamentous cells, the synapses, which connect the brain cells called neurons. Actually, it isn’t the quantity nor the mass that makes up the brain, but the DENSITY of the connections between neurons.
  When we stimulate our brain by learning or playing we simply create new connections: the synapses grow and spread like fungal mycelia to connect neurons together. The brain can therefore be modeled through conscious (or even unconscious) processes. [
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Healthy recipes for a balanced brain
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Test your mental aptitude through questionnaires, drawings, quizzes, etc.
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Archimedes Merchandising is a volunteer-driven initiative. We rely on donations to achieve our mission - to inspire and motivate people with challenging mental activities.

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