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o you know that Pontius, the first name of Pilatus, means "the Fifth"? That Plato is a nickname meaning "broad-shouldered"? (his real name was Aristocles).
  Do you know that in some languages the tense is expressed by the pronoun and not by the verb? In the Haoussa language there is a "me-future" (kan zo, I will go) and a "me-past" (na zo, I came)...
  Do you know that German has an indefinite negative article? (kein) And that German is spelled Tedesco in Italian, Nemtsy in Russian, Allemand in French? and finally, do you know that in English you can express an idea with more words of italic origin (I imagine you are satisfied with this information) or with more words of germanic origin (I guess you are fulfilled with this briefing)?

  Why do languages fascinate so much? Because they capture and express the breadth and the diversity of human thought. Art is a kind of language without words. However, language and art are both symbols of our human condition: they are useful mediums with which to confront ourselves with others... They are the "invisible" knots of the network which tie us together. Words and signs have a very long story and we attribute to them a magic power.
  We are distinguished from animals as much by symbolic language as by our desire to alter, decorate and personalize our bodies and environment. Indeed, evidence of art and artifacts, substantially antedates evidence of symbolic language, and is thought to be an early index of brain development. Since man is man, he has filled his life with things that have had no immediate or obvious survival benefit. Art provides humans with an evolutionary advantage by allowing us to "externalize" and collectivize both our memory of the past as well as enabling us to plan for the future. Individuals perish, and with them their memories. However, if the individual experience is "externalized" and codified in art, the community retains the information even though one of its members expires. Language is communication in the present. Art is communication over time.
  In this portal we'll talk about:
• the language which is the richest in terms of words and the "Esperanto" of the nowadays world: i.e. English,
• Romance languages, such as Italian and French,
• old languages, including Latin and Greek,
• strange or invented languages,
• etymology,
• writings, scripts, symbols, signs, and modern art.


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