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Capture the attention of your readers with clever contents
separationWhy our puzzles are unique

According to the poll of a representative sample of 1000 readers, conducted by an important magazine, only 13 percent of the readers answered "never" to the question "do you buy a newspaper just to do the puzzles?". That confirms that puzzles are important features in a publication and can be a valuable means to build up a loyal audience.

If you need original, involving visual puzzles to captivate and entertain a particular, or informed audience, then look no further... For over 17 years we have been editing articles and columns on optical illusions, curiosities and paradoxes from the world of science. Our puzzles and games demand the attention of readers, involving them in optical experiments and deduction, fun and easy to execute, they teach them to distrust their own immediate senses and first impressions.

Our experience and uniqueness in the field of games culture, along with our competence in rendering accessible, themes which would normally be left to the experts because of their supposed complexity, has brought us to collaborate with authoritative newspapers and magazines in the field of the diffusion of knowledge and entertainment.

separationWhat kind of puzzles we supply

The success of an Archimedes Lab visual puzzle is due in large part to 4 important ingredients: a neat illustration, a short text, a pinch of humor, and an exhaustive solution accompanied, if needed, with a step-by-step explanation and a clear diagram. We also explain why it is not possible, sometimes, to resolve a puzzle: the reader can then begin to understand the common misdirections that mislead their cognitive senses, and understand better the conditioning or 'mental blocks' that prevent us from finding a solution.

We don't just 'do' games, we offer (re)creative entertainment that sharpens the mind and the critical sense, and also a philosophy of life: a simple and concrete way to improve oneself and to see the world from a positive side, conserving self-irony and a fair critical detachment. We create involving and original puzzle content for magazines, newspapers, ads, packaging and promotions, and are able to respond to suggestions for specific material.

journalsWe develop and supply:
• visual brainteasers,
• attention tests,
• 'suspense' games for advertising,
recreational mathematic games for very particular readers…
Our work is in English, Italian and French.

separationCurrent collaboration
We are currently collaborating with Focus BrainTrainer, the game supplement for the monthly Focus (Grüner+Jahr / Mondadori). Some of our puzzle features are syndicated and distributed by Knight Features. You can also have a look at three of our weekly features here below:
1. Zoo of Numbers,
2. Sarcone's Visual Illusions,
3. Archimedes' Lab Puzzles.

separationSpecial feature

We also write special puzzle stories involving peculiar characters: elves, detectives, or mad scientists, dealing with enigmas and secrets that have to be solved or deciphered... Story 1 | Story 2
Enigmas from the Elves
At the beginning of 2006, the Elf Leto started as a cartoon character involved in a number of impossible situations where, without the aid of supernatural powers, he cleverly solves any difficulties using just logic and intuition. The character was invented by Mauro Gaffo, the story text is currently written by G. Sarcone (Archimedes' Lab) and the strip drawn by the comic illustrator Riccardo Crosa. You can find a new adventure of the Elf Leto in BrainTrainer magazine every month.
Leto 2
Leto 1

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• The creative people behind Archimedes' Lab
Here is how to get in touch with us.
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