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Capture the attention of your readers with clever contents
separationInteractive optical illusions

Looking for a new way to seduce your readers with artwork that pick and poke at curiosity? Are you looking for new material, content or products that relates to visual perception? We offer illustrations in formats such as .jpg and .tif with classic and novel optical illusions, cut-out/press-out puzzles and visual brainteasers for newspapers, magazines, books, websites, etc.

In fact, we own the largest database of original optical illusions (more than 2000 illustrations available for licensing) with various effects related to all aspects of vision. You can see some samples here.

We also develop and supply puzzling colorful optical illusions based on themes for editorial targets, special events, merchandising or for publicity campaigns. There's no end to the types of illustrated material we offer, as you can see from our sampler opposite.

Our illustrations can be used for: announcements, banners, book covers, booklets, brochures, bulletins, calendars, cards, cartoons, catalogs, CD covers, commercial projects, decorations, exhibitions, e-zines, flyers, greetings cards, invitations, leaflets, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, postcards, posters, promotional materials, reviews, stationary materials, visual communication, wallpapers, websites, website backgrounds, etc.

separationWhat is a "puzzillusion"?

Most people like solving puzzles or to be intrigued by optical illusions. Have you ever wondered what a mixture of those two would be like? Well, G. Sarcone has invented new optical illusions called "puzzillusions" that are not just there to be admired, but to solve! In short, puzzillusions are perception and counterintuitive visual puzzles that deceive the eye and our common sense. The main goal of those pleasant and funny 'experiments' is to teach the reader to sometimes distrust her/his own immediate senses and first impressions.

separationIndicative rates
Reproduction rights per image:
Small circulation (less than 10'000 copies)
Media   B&W   Color
Dailies ...   20.00 (ea.) ... €  40.00 (ea.)
Magazines ... €  40.00 (ea.) ...  60.00 (ea.)
Books ... 100.00 (ea.) ... 120.00 (ea.)
Large circulation (more than 10'000 copies)
Media   B&W   Color
Dailies ... €  40.00 (ea.) ...  70.00 (ea.)
Magazines ...  60.00 (ea.) ...  90.00 (ea.)
Books ... 120.00 (ea.) ... 150.00 (ea.)
Other Media
Web ... €  50.00 (ea.)
Personalized artwork ... 300.00 (per illustration)
Logos ... negotiable
Advertising ... negotiable
Merchandising ... negotiable
We offer up to 20% price reduction if you order more than 2 illustrations.

separationMore information?
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separationIllusion sampler

Weekly features
Interactive perception tests for newpapers and magazines.

weekly feature
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Advertising postcards
Color optical illusions for an ad campaign of "".

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Advertising Poster
Optical illusions poster for the "Gewerbe-museum" of Winterthur.

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Articles for reviews
Puzzling optical illusions for the science magazine "Focus"

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Illusions for the web
Optical illusion gallery for the popular science magazine online "Scientific American".

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