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This book features all kinds of fascinating optical illusions throughout history
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at
A beautiful book filled with puzzle/illusion hybrids


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Sliding Hues & Illusory Motion


by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber


In addition to its powerful expressive qualities, color creates the sensation of space and influences the perception of motion...

Constant changing of color or illumination can induce a dramatic feeling of illusory motion*. Look at the center of the 'animated' image below... It represents a cube made of colored elliptic shapes whose sides seem to expand or to shrink according to the color of the background. The

direction of the apparent motion is also determined by the luminance of the edges of the elliptic shapes. In this case, dark colors (red, purple) in the background 'attract' the dark edges of the shapes to the center; while light colors (yellow, green), drive away the light edges from the center.

Conclusion: a progressive or regressive hue sliding of any static image can produce a spatial visual impression.


*illusory motion is used to define the appearance of movement in a static image.

illusorymotion animation

Stare at the center of the 'animated' image. The image is static only colors change!

You can use the image above in your non-commercial web page for free as long as you leave the copyright and author's info intact and link to us
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