The Original Archimedes Lab's Mathemagical Cards
Cartes postales mathémagiques • Cartoline matemagiche
  "La meccanica è il paradiso delle scienze matematiche, perchè con quella si viene al frutto matematico"
Leonardo da Vinci
A set of 12 original, smart cards with optical illusions,
put-together and vanish puzzles

(A5 format, double cards, black + 1 colour; in English, French and Italian)

1. Geotemplet Puzzlegeotemplet puzzle

3. The Queen of Illusion
the queen of illusion

5. Twingram Puzzle
twingram puzzle

7. Apparent Movement
apparent movement

9. Hexagon to Disc
hexagon to disc

11. Color Confusion
color confusion


2. Mad Square Puzzlemad square puzzle

4. Tangramagic Puzzle
tangramagic puzzle

6. Vanishing Bird
vanish puzzle

8. Floating Discs
floating discs

10. Shapes Distortion
shapes distortion

12. Impossible Figures
impossible figures

The Original Cards Issued From The 1990's
For Collectors or Anyone Interested in Math-Magic

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€15.00 (set of 12 cards)
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