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The Greatest Collection Of Puzzles To Solve
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SUNDAY puzzles
Solve the Sunday puzzle created by puzzle expert G. Sarcone and win the Archimedes' Lab Award.
Sunday Puzzle 69: Triangles & pentagonl bulbbulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 68
: Wrong equality?
Sunday Puzzle 67: Math means bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 66: Jogger path bulb
Sunday Puzzle 65: No real bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 64: Cat-claw shape bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 63: Table for geniuses bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 62
: Diamond-shaped
Sunday Puzzle 61
: The largest root
Sunday Puzzle 60
: Separate quarters
Sunday Puzzle 59
: Packing puzzle
Sunday Puzzle 58
: Hypercube
Sunday Puzzle 57: Orbit or not orbit bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 56
: Scrambled rings
Sunday Puzzle 55
: Progressions
Sunday Puzzle 54
: Geoconstruction
Sunday Puzzle 53: Crescents bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 52
: Divisible by 7, 11, and 13
Sunday Puzzle 51: Viviani's theorem bulb
Sunday Puzzle 50: Withdrawals bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 49: Gold leaf bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 48
: Distant cactuses
Sunday Puzzle 47
: Boy and Girl
Sunday Puzzle 46: Circumcircles bulbbulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 45
: a·a’=b·b’+c·c'
Sunday Puzzle 44
: Match bissection
Sunday Puzzle 43
: Equilateral?
Sunday Puzzle 42
: Cake dissection
Sunday Puzzle 41: Xmas tree puzzle bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 40: Trains of atoms bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 39: Polynomial ratio bulb
Sunday Puzzle 38: Triangle partition bulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 37: Diophantine cubic bulbbulbbulb
Sunday Puzzle 36
: Inscribed squares
Sunday Puzzle 35
: Weights problem
Sunday Puzzle 34
: Matchsticks math

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Challenging online games
Connect4 MasterMind Solitaire 15 puzzle
Connect4 MasterMind Solitaire 15Puzzle
Nim puzzle Reversi/Othello Dominoes
Nim Reversi Domino
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square Presto! square Go-moku game
square Mini-Mancala square Flippo
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Puzzles of the Month

Puzzle 131: Equal partitions (2013) bulbbulb
Puzzle 130: Rising sun (2013) bulbbulbbulb
Puzzle 129
: Steam locomotive (2012)
Puzzle 128: A Geometric Xmas tree (2012) bulb
Puzzle 127: Square vs Annulus (2011) bulbbulb
Puzzle 126: A troublesome sequence (2011) bulbbulbbulb
Puzzle 125: A mathematical shield (2011)
Apr-May 10: A chopping problem bulbbulb
Dec-Nov 09: The mark of Zorro bulbbulb
July-Sept 09: Radiolarian's shell bulbbulbbulb
May-June 09
: Square vs circle
Jan-Feb 09
: Congruent cheese shapes
Sept-Oct 08
: Perpendicular or not?
July-Aug 08
: Ratio of similar triangles
May-June 08: Geometry of the bees bulbbulbbulbbulb
Febr-March 08: The Parrot sequence bulbbulbbulb
Januray 2008
: Strange birthdates
Oct-Nov 2007
: Infinite beetle path
Aug-Sept 07
: Indecisive triangle
June-July 07: Achtung... Minen! bulbbulbbulb
Apr-May 07: Soccer balls bulbbulbbulb
Febr-March 07
: Prof Gibbus' angle
Jan 07: Triangles to square bulbbulbbulb
Aug-Sept 2006: Balance problem bulbbulbbulb
June-July 06: Squared strip bulbbulbbulb
Apr-May 06: Intriguing probabilities bulbbulbbulbbulb
Febr-March 06: Cows & chickens bulbbulbbulb
Dec 05-Jan 06: Red monad bulbbulb
Sept-Oct 2005: Magic star bulbbulbbulbbulb
July-Aug 05: Cheese! bulbbulb
May 05: Stairs to square bulbbulb
Febr 05: Same pieces bulb
Sept-Oct 2004: Odd triangles bulbbulb
June 04: Pizza's pitfalls bulbbulbbulb
May 04: Pacioli puzzle... bulbbulbbulbbulb
April 04: Inscribed rectangle bulbbulbbulb
March 04: Magic 4-T's bulbbulb
Febr 04: A special box bulbbulbbulbbulb
Dec-Jan 04: Curvilinear shape... bulbbulbbulb
Oct-Nov 2003: Same area? well...
Sept 03: Square vs rectangle
June 03: Magic bagel
Apr 03: Granitic thoughts
Feb 03: Elementary, my dear...
Jan 03: Hands-on geometry...
Oct 2002: Improbable solid...
Sept 02: Kangaroo cutting...
July-Aug 02: Shaved or not...
June 02: Rectangle to cross...
May 02: Labyrinthine ways...
Apr 02: Just numbers...
March 02: Enigmatic solid...
February 02: True false...
Dec-Jan 02: Egyptian architecture...
Nov 2001: Binary art...
Oct 01: Crank calculator...
Sept 01: A cup of T...
Aug 01: Topological problem...
July 01: Every dog has 3 tails...
June 01: Slice the cake...
May 01: Question of reflection...
April 01: Visual proof...
March 01: Diagonal of a 4D cube...
February 01: Some path problems...
Dec-Jan 01: How many squares...
Oct-Nov 2000: Syntemachion puzzle...
September 00: Leonardo's puzzle...
August 00: Drowned by numbers..
July 00: Funny tetrahedrons...
Apr-May 00: 3 smart discs in 1...
March 00: Triangular differences...
February 00: Cheeta tessellating puzzle...
Dec-Jan 00: Rhombus puzzle...
Oct-Nov 1999: Curved shapes to square...
September 99: Hexagon to disc...
August 99: Logic? Schmlogic...
July 99: Jigsaw puzzle
April 99: Minimal dissections
March 99: Permutation problem...
February 99: Another square root problem...
January 99: Less is more, a square root problem
December 98: The cunning areas
November 98: The incredible Pythagora's theorem
October 98: The multi-purpose hexagon
September 98: The impossible squarings
August 98: The irritating 9-piece puzzle

Abracada-Brain puzzles
15-16A: 5x5 vowels / A magic word
13-14A: Diabolical 5 fives / Pinocchio paradox
11-12A: Kangaroo stroller / Ghost hole
: Genealogy tree / Alone in a room

7-8A: The largest number / A riddle?
: Not a pipe / Half-empty?

3-4A: How many R's / Thinking cat
1-2A: Mystery of the string / Clever line
Pencil puzzles

Pencil Puzzles - 3
Pencil Puzzles - 2
Pencil Puzzles - 1
Pix and logic puzzles (weekly)

Most wanted solutions
M&W puzzle
How to win at Nim game
5 Room House puzzle
9 Dot puzzle
3 Utilities puzzle 
Optical illusion puzzles
20. Ghost face.
19. Black hole.
18. Ants & Labyrinths.
17. The three R's.
16. Mask of Love.
15. Illusive 'Toblerone'.
14. Pointing fingers.
13. Hawaian mistakes.
12. The hidden Tiger.
11. Geometrical baffle.
10. How many yellow-and-blue balls?
9. Find the panda cub.
8. Ferdinand Hodler's landscape.
7. Impossible courtyard.
6. Terrace dilemma.
5. Where you bean?
4. Illusory motion.
3. Google distraction.
2. Mystery house.
1. Restaurant illusion.
Droodle puzzles
Droodle, June 2012
Droodle, December 2011
Droodle, June 2011
Droodle, March 2010
Droodle, November 2009
Droodle, June 2009
Droodle, August 2008
Droodle, May 2008
Droodle, February 2008
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