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Giochi per la mente risolti - Jeux de l'esprit résolus - Juegos de ingenio resueltos
by Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber
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Puzzle # 13A |lateral thinkingLogic | Difficulty level: bulbbulb

Diabolical 5 FIVES

5 ? 5 ? 5 ? 5 ? 5 = 24

Replace the ?’s above with any of these four operating symbols: x, +, - , and :, in order to make the equation correct.
Example: (5 x 5 x 5 - 5) : 5 = 24. Easy? Not really!

abracadabrain puzzle 13
Source of the puzzle: © G. Sarcone, Archimedes Laboratory.
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Diabolical 5 Fives
5 x (5 - (5 : 5 : 5)) = 24
Strangely enough, very few people can find this solution!

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Puzzle # 14A | lateral thinking Lateral thinking | Difficulty level: bulbbulb

abracadabrain puzzle 14

Pinocchio Paradox
   What happens if Pinocchio says that his nose is about to grow, knowing that it actually grows ONLY when he is telling a lie? Explain your argument(s).

Source of the puzzle: © G. Sarcone, FantaLogica.
Please report any error, misspelling or dead link. Thanks!
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Pinocchio's nose only grows when he tells a lie, then, saying that his nose will start to grow in that precise instant makes it a bit of an impossibility: the growing of his nose would mean that he actually told the truth, in which case his nose wouldn't be growing, which would make him a liar, in which case his nose would grow, which would make it true... Etc. Creating an infinite strange loop of situations that contradict each other.
Some ones argue that it is not a paradox, because his nose grows when he intentionally LIES, not when he doesn't predict the future.

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