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Giochi per la mente - Jeux de l'esprit - Juegos de ingenio
by Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber

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Tone & Expand Your Mind With Fun Brainteasers

  In this page, you will find some multilingual visual puzzles you can use to baffle your friends or to teach kids critical and lateral thinking. Abracada-Brain™ puzzles are logic problems that seem at first nonsensical or impossible and resemble in some way koan enigmas (one quite famous koan riddle is: "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"). Koans are Zen teaching stumpers especially designed for just one purpose: to open the mind that has been closed by habitual responses to the world and reality. In fact, to solve those puzzles, it is important to go beyond the first impression and common sense, and to think in a metaphoric way in order to make connections between different levels of knowledge and/or reasoning.
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 15-16
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 13-14
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 11-12
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 9-10
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 7-8
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 5-6
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 3-4
puzzles 15-16
Puzzles 1-2
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