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New Optical Illusions Gallery

by Gianni Sarcone and Marie Waeber

optical illusion title

A collection of new puzzling visual illusions to challenge your senses!

The visual illusions featured on this page are created by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber. The illusions that the authors offer are, for the greater part, products of their own imagination, sometimes discovered by chance and in other cases they deliberately set out to discover new ways to view existing optical illusions and present them under a new light.

Many were created and perfected during their perceptive puzzle workshops which are held for the benefit of children and adults alike. As a common feature their work offer new ways of looking at the world around us. In fact, each time an illusion is discovered a new mechanism of vision is highlighted, and this is the key which in turn unlocks another door to reveal a new intriguing secret of the mind.

New optical illusion collection
Click on any of the thumbnails below for a full size display. Enjoy your visit and come back often, as new images are added frequently.
10-Magic_tray 101-Magic_eggs_VAN 103-Neon_variant_COL 114-Ikea_tribar_IMP 132-Glowing_bars
Magic tray Vanishing egg Unreal neon squares Ikea tribar Scintillating
138-Neon_heart_COL 169-Seal_toucan_AMB 176-Larger_letter_LEN 179-Parallel_lines_DIS 18-Impossible_dice
Neon heart Seal or toucan? Bold the A! Parallel lines? Impossible dice
191-Bidirectional_face_AMB 261-Blue_lines_twist_COL 284-Fish_and_cat 297-Trees_wood_IMP 37-Reversed_faces
Bidirectional face Twisting lines Fish and cat Unreal trees Reversed face
53-Crazy_gymnasts 60-Bizzarre_dog 63-Moving_lumachine_MOV 66-Pinna_rotating_psycho 69-Indisciplinated_dots
Crazy gymnasts Bizarre dog Flashing flows Illusory rotations Indisciplinated dots
71-Black_holes_and_F_Test 74-Paris_Roma_DIS 78-How_many_triangles2 88-Dynamic muller lyer 10n-Pink_rose
F'sTest Paris Roma poles How many triangles? Dynamic Müller-Lyer Pink rose
10n-Impossible_building 12n-SoldiersB 13n-Flashing_texture 8n-Broken_dish 24v-Vogue_illusion
Impossible building In the Navy Flashing texture Broken dish Vogue illusion
26-Cow_color_adaptation 37v-Face_illusion 88v-Pulsating_pattern 153v-Acrobat_girl Sarcone crosses
Bovine fly Crepuscular face Pulsating patterns Acrobat girl Sarcone's Crosses

© 2012-2019, Sarcone & Waeber,
Creative Commons License
These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution

The Authors
Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie J. Waeber, game designers and writers, are specialists in creative learning. They create and invent educational manipulatives and thinking games which help teach mathematics, visual and plastic arts. Their maxim is: “be curious first!”. In 2018, they won the prestigious Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize (click here to get more info about the authors).

Optical Illusion Store

Elephant confusion

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