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english Draw a straight line passing through the arbitrary point P so that it is perpendicular to the given diameter (AB) of the circle with center O. To solve the puzzle you can use ONLY a simple ruler.
francais Tracez une droite passant par le point arbitraire P et perpendiculaire au diamètre donné (AB) de ce cercle. Vous devez résoudre ce puzzle en traçant des lignes à la règle.
italiano Tracciate una linea retta in modo tale che passi per il punto arbitrario P e sia perpendicolare al diametro dato (AB) di questo cerchio. Risolvete il problema solo con matita e righello.

Sunday puzzle

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Text and images by Gianni A. Sarcone 
Labels: SUNDAY PUZZLE, puzzles to solve, recreational mathematics, geometric construction
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