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english When two atoms meet they interact as shown in the example.
Following this rule, if a train of atoms slides over another train of atoms as shown, what will be the resulting color of each single atom (a up to j, see the picture)?
Is there an algorithm to solve the puzzle?
francais Lorsque 2 atomes se rencontrent ils interagissent comme illustré dans l’exemple.
Si un train d’atomes glisse au-dessus d’un autre train d’atomes (voir illustration), quel sera le résultat final de chaque atome en termes de couleur?
italiano Quando 2 atomi si incontrano interagiscono come illustrato nell’esempio.
Se il treno di atomi illustrato qui sotto scorre sull’altro treno di atomi, sapreste dire quale sarà il colore finale di ogni atomo?

Sunday puzzle

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Text and images by Gianni A. Sarcone 
Labels: SUNDAY PUZZLE, puzzles to solve, recreational mathematics, ratio
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