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optical illusion

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corner top left Kinetic Illusions 3

by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber

"What happens to the hole
when the cheese is gone?"
Bertold Brecht
logo Concave... convex
Figure in motion
Motion effects

More optic illusions

 Jambalaya of kinetic illusions
Straight or divergent?
The rows seem to diverge, actually this is just an illusion!
cafe wall illusion
(see also the anthropomorphic variant of this illusion)

Concave... convex?
How many cubes do you see simultaneously... One or two cubes?
magic cube
rotating mask
Can you perceive when the spinning mask becomes concave? Impressive, isn't it?

Motion creates shapes
invisible walking man When some of the dots move you will recognize a familiar figure in motion, but without its apparent contour (a figure is usually distinguished from its background by a line border called a contour). There are circumstances when a figure can be perceived although contour does not exist. This can occur when a figure is in motion relative to a background. The figure shown opposite is visible only during its motion (when motion ends the figure ceases to be visible...)

Strange Motion Effects
Which direction is the rotation? Observe attentively the right gear below. You should be able to see it rotates clockwise or anticlockwise while the red pointer always rotates clockwise. To get the effects to switch direction, blink or look away briefly.
more gears
Another example. Which direction rotates the large blue gear above? Same effect as in the previous image!

Boing Effect
The sequences of this animation are made by modifying the width of the alternate black and white horizontal lines which form the background motif. The animation creates a funny "boing" effect boing effect


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