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Previous optical Illusion of the Month (April - May 2008)

by Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber


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'What's wrong with this picture' challenge

Two-color balls
Guess how many yellow-AND-blue balls
are in the picture below. Time allowed 10 seconds!

find the yellow and blue ball




There are 3 yellow-blue balls located in C2, H3, and E6 (<- highlight with the mouse).
In visual perception, search is very difficult when you have to find an object with a combination of two SAME attributes (colors), than with more complex attributes (color + form).

Lisa Chavis answered:

Anton Sparks answered:
0? - On further reflection - at least 3?

Sherri Sells answered:
There are no yellow and blue balls, only red and yellow and red and blue balls.

Irene Hoogmoed answered:

Cynthia Henderson answered:
Zero yellow and blue balls.

You're encouraged to expand and/or improve this article. Send your comments, feedback or suggestions to Gianni A. Sarcone. Thanks!

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