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Serhiy Grabarchuk

Serhiy Grabarchuk's Bio
Serhiy Grabarchuk is a person whose whole-life interest is puzzles and puzzling. And so he's active in all possible puzzle fields, and is living in Puzzling consistently, days and nights. Simply saying Serhiy is a metagrobologist.

He started his puzzling activities 37 years ago when he was 8. Since then Serhiy continuously invents and creates new, never seen before puzzles, makes puzzle prototypes and gets his puzzle designs produce, collects original puzzles and solves hundreds of them every year, makes puzzle researches and historical studies in many directions, compiles and publishes his original puzzle books and puzzles, participates in all main puzzle events and gatherings all over the World and helps to grow up new puzzle talents.

Serhiy created several thousands of different puzzles, mostly mechanical, and developed many advertising and tailor made puzzles. His puzzles were (and still are) produced by many puzzle companies all around the World such as Griffioen Design, Haba, Bits & Pieces, Binary Arts and other, and now these puzzles easy can make a pretty good and original puzzle collection. He worked on numerous puzzle projects and continues to collaborate with all most prominent puzzle folks such as Nob Yoshigahara, Jerry Slocum, Will Shortz, Oskar van Deventer, Will Strijbos, Sjaak Griffioen, Jean-Claude Constantin, Bill Ritchie, Alan Segal, Rodolfo Kurchan, Bob Kirkland, Ed Pegg Jr, Anatoli Kalinin, Scott Kim, John Conway, Andrea Gilbert, Nick Baxter, Andy Liu, Wei-Hwa Huang, and many other great puzzle designers, mathematicians, and magicians from all over the World.

He has a big collection of puzzles (more than 2000 items), a good collection of different games, and a comprehensive puzzle library. Serhiy compiled and published about a dozen of collections of his original puzzles, and many of his puzzles were published in different books and periodicals all around the World - Games Magazine, Quark Magazine, CFF of the Dutch Cubists Club, Quantum Magazine, Charade, Field of Wonders, and many other.

More than two years Serhiy was running the Puzzles.com site (www.puzzles.com), and led it to the top position on the Web. Many of Serhiy's puzzles can be seen and played on numerous websites. Serhiy discovered several new puzzle principles, and his puzzles always have original mathematical, physical and visual ideas behind them. He was a winner of several prestigious puzzle design competitions all across the World; one of them is the Hikimi Wooden Puzzle Competition. Many of his puzzles were used as part of different puzzle contests - virtual and real.

Serhiy likes to make puzzles by himself, and for many years manufactured in his home workshop several hundreds of different wooden, plastic, metal and paper puzzles. Serhiy's education as an engineer in Fine Mechanics. He has five puzzle patents. His favorite creator is Leonardo da Vinci. Serhiy's big passion is graphic arts in small forms. For the past years he made thousands of drawings to his puzzles designs, a comprehensive puzzle and game card index, catalogs and books, and several dozens of trade marks. Trade marks always were rather Serhiy's hobby, but there is a big connection between puzzles and trademarks resulted in advertising and tailor made puzzles. Serhiy's favorite artist is M.C.Escher.

Serhiy is a no mean puzzle solver, who many times has taken part in the World Puzzle Championships, as a participant or team captain. Also he represents Ukraine's puzzle interests in the Word Puzzle Federation. From his very young ages Serhiy likes magic; this started almost simultaneously with Serhiy's puzzling. There is a well known connection between magic and puzzling. Martin Gardner, Nob Yoshigahara or Mark Setteducati are an extremely nice illustration for this connection. Martin Gardner is Serhiy's Teacher in many directions.

Serhiy's "non-puzzling" interests cover good modern and classic music, including jazz and blues, photography and cinematograph, musicals and puppet show. Serhiy's favorite composer is George Gershwin. Serhiy and his wife Tanya have two sons, Serhiy Jr. (22) and Peter (17). He with his family lives in a small town in the Western part of Ukraine. Serhiy's family very actively helps and supports him in his puzzling.


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