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separationEditorial services: books and manuals writing

We write non-fiction books which are funny and creative, for both children and adults. We do work commissioned by Publishers, Literary Agents and Editors looking for the best in the field of education/entertainment. Our main topics or areas of concentration are: Cognitive science, Recreational mathematics, Puzzles and Games, Optical illusions, Art.

If you are looking for new material or ideas, or if you have an editorial project in preparation, we can help... Our custom is to work within a group sharing opinions, ideas, discoveries and inventions and our experience will be your winning hand. We have a reciprocal approach to publishers, we are always open to suggestions and updates when we are asked. Books aren't just written, they are accompanied: from manuscript to printing, from printing to promotion... Every book should be an opportunity to create original cultural initiatives or to unfold from fun educational workshops.

separationOur editorial mission

Our work responds to the essential needs of all readers big and small, whether they be: to instruct, to do, to train one's brain, to experiment, to discover, to play, to communicate, to laugh, to test oneself, to solve problems, to explore new ways using the trial and error method, to avoid boredom, to share with others... and above all to find pleasure in reading!

Our editing services:
• Creation and editing of books, guides, manuals along themes of puzzles and games of a widespread, specialist or educational use
• Managing book series for entertainment and education
• Design and realisation of advertising games (give-aways)

separationRecent books from Archimedes Lab
Published works:
Curiopticals, ISBN 1847322298
Make Your own 3D Illusions, ISBN 1844426327
Eye Tricks, ISBN 1844427773
Big Book of Optical Illusions, ISBN 0764135201
Puzzillusions, ISBN 1844420647
Optische Illusionen, ISBN 3828921264 (German)
Nouvelles Illusions d'Optique, ISBN 2744192368 (French)
Niewe Optische Illusies, ISBN 9045304732 (Dutch)
Fantastic Optical Illusions, ISBN 184442295X
MateMagica, ISBN 8889197560 (Italian)
New Optical Illusions, ISBN 1844423271
Dazzling Optical Illusions, ISBN 0806983930
L'Almanach du mathématicien en herbe, ISBN 2844690254 (French)

separationMore information?
• The creative people behind Archimedes' Lab
Here is how to get in touch with us.
Books from Archimedes' Lab
How to Make your own 3D illusion
Make your own 3D Optical Illusions, ISBN 1844426327
Eye tricks
Eye Tricks, ISBN 1844427773
Dazzling Optical Illusions
Puzzillusions, ISBN 1844420647
Big Book of Optical Illusions
Big Book of Optical Illusions, ISBN 0764135201
Fantastic Optical Illusions
Fantastic Optical Illusions, ISBN 184442295X
New Optical Illusions
New Optical Illusions, ISBN 1844423271
MateMagica book
MateMagica, ISBN 8889197560
Almanach book
L'Almanach du mathématicien en herbe, ISBN 2844690254

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